What We Do

W.H.E.A.T. – We Honor Every American Troop – sends military care packages year-round. Soldiers can expect frequent, customized care packages not once, but literally, throughout their full deployment. In addition to meeting the needs, wants, and wishes of each unit, every care package includes a handwritten, personalized letter. Often, the letters are “written” by W.H.E.A.T.’s adorable Labrador retrievers, our Office Managers, Milo and Blizzard Myers.

  • W.H.E.A.T. has the highest standards, transparency, and accountability. 
  • W.H.E.A.T. operates 100% on donated goods, time, services, and funds.
  • We are 100% volunteer, from our Executive Director, Board members, administrative staff, to our Office Managers, Milo and Blizzard (two Labrador retrievers).
  • We serve all 5 branches of the military.
  • We focus on supporting troops that do not have access to a military exchange or commissary.
  • We “adopt” military units and support each unit throughout its full deployment abroad.
  • Soldiers can expect frequent, year-round, high-quality, customized, care packages to boost morale, to build spirit, and to know that we’re thinking about them.
  • Typically, we mail our first care package within 24-hours (1 business day) after adopting a unit.
  • We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” care packages. We hand-select items for each care package based on the unit’s specific requests.
  • When soldiers’ needs change, as they often do, we adapt in real time to meet their needs.
  • If we don’t have an item in our warehouse that a unit requests, then we purchase it. Plain and simple. We make it happen in real-time.
  • We take special care to cater to female service members by preparing boxes filled with high-quality, name brand hygiene products and toiletries not available to them overseas. 
  • Milo and Blizzard (W.H.E.A.T.’s Labrador retrievers) insist on only the finest heavy-duty dog chew toys for their brother and sister K-9 soldiers. In fact, Milo and Blizzard test every toy that we’re considering sending overseas. If they approve the item, we buy fresh, new supplies for the K-9 soldiers!
  • W.H.E.A.T. first strives to meet the unit’s basic “needs” and “wants” (e.g., toiletries, clothing, and protein snacks), then we focus on their “wishes” even if they don’t know it! Often, we send fun toys, board games, sporting equipment, books/magazines, and anything else that we can think of that may brighten their days/nights.
  • Our packages frequently include “paw-written” letters from our adorable Labradors, Milo and Blizzard, complete with their paw print signatures. Milo and Blizzard try to bring humor to the troops by detailing their exploits in wheat country, including their complicated relationships with the chickens and their love of all things food-related.
  • Each care package always has, and always will, include a handwritten, personalized letter (and/or picture) from local residents, students, and/or a Board member.
  • W.H.E.A.T. is all-inclusive, meaning, if you’re on our website (or you’ve heard about it from someone else), then you’re part of the W.H.E.A.T. community! Anyone, from 1 to 95+ years-old can send a card or handwritten note for us to include a care package.
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