October 2020:

  • “Roger (and Milo [black Labrador retriever]), I wish to thank you and everyone for taking the time to send care packages to those of us deployed down range. It means a lot to all of us over here to get a little bit of home and to get some treats which we cannot get over here at our locations. They were a bit hit & very much appreciated by all whom I shared them with. We wish all many blessings! Many thanks!” LCDR M.R., Iraq
  • “Hello this is IT2 [name redacted] from the USS ANTIETAM. We got your package a few days ago and wanted to send you a message to say thank you. * * * Thank you so so much. Your packages go a long way for morale, especially when our deployment keeps getting extended longer and longer * * *! On the back of the note you asked what we are all craving. We love tuna cans, chicken cans, tortillas, chili cans, crackers, Vienna sausages. If you want. No pressure. * * * Take care and God Bless! * * *.” IT2 T.G., USS Antietam
  • “Thank you for the box of goodies. The team truly appreciates your kindness. Your father and Roger are correct, hot sauce definitely makes the food taste better. * * * The team loved the meat sticks * * *. I think any individual wrapped items, cheese & crackers, rice crispy treats, would make them happy. Thanks again!” Larry, Afghanistan

September 2020:

  • “Thank you so much for the boxes we have received thus far. I was able to distribute [The General’s Hot Sauce] throughout the mess decks and it went fast!” IT1 J.C., aboard the USS Antietam
  • “Thank you so much for your generous care packages * * * . It is a Huge Blessing for our sailors, Marines, and Airmen who are deployed overseas here at *** [specific location redacted]. It really boosts their morale as they know people back in the States are thinking of them while they are separated from friends and family. God Bless.” Chaplain M.S., Greece
  • “Thank you so much for the [Black Rifle Coffee Company] coffee!” L.L. and team, Afghanistan

July 2020:

  • “One of my Soldiers shared a big box of [The General’s Hot Sauce] today. Thank you so much.” CH (MAJ) J.S., Kuwait
  • “You guys are awesome I’m blown away as to why you * * * took on this endeavor. Truth be told – I know why! With all that’s going on in our country, the media showcasing the division between cultures, races, police, COVID, etc., it’s good to see people focused on other [just as] important activities. And, Thank You to those individuals who volunteer their time and oftentimes money to help make your organization thrive. I hope it continues to be a success. God Bless You and Your Family!!” MSG I.F., Kuwait

May 2020:

  • “Thank you so much for the package. The peanut butter was awesome because I just ran out!
  • “We are isolated for the most part from the virus so we haven’t dealt with it. We are on lockdown so we don’t leave at all. It can get boring so we love games!
  • “Baby wipes, coffee pods/coffee, creamers, wet wipes or Clorox wipes, tide pods, paper towels, protein bars, tuna packs or chicken packs, gum, canned fruit or fruit cocktail, seasoning all welcome!
  • “Thank you from the pus [K-9 soldiers] and the handlers for your support!” S.J. and MWD Zak, Saudi Arabia
  • “Thank you for your support and thank you for the care packages. I am the one who receives your packages. * * * I usually put the packages I receive out in the open for others to pick through – and they do. As you know, care packages are a morale booster.” MSG I.F., Kuwait

March 2020

“Hello Lana, Roger and the W.H.E.A.T. Community!!

We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness, and we want you to know that your generosity has not gone unnoticed. You are absolutely wonderful! Thank you for the various packages that included sources of protein, healthy snacks, and female hygiene items. All of these items were greatly appreciated!! We received your most recent package and note. We are scheduled to depart from the [location redacted] within the next 45 days. That being said, we will no longer be able to receive any more care packages at the end of this week. Our mailing facilities will be shut down in order to facilitate the unit relieving us. We want to thank you for having us in your hearts throughout our rotation and request that you reroute any further support to our sister units currently deployed to the Middle East. We look forward to being back home stateside along with you all and the rest of our families/support system. MISSION READY!!! – P.P., Undisclosed Location

February 2020

“Dear W.H.E.A.T.,

Thank you so very much for your thoughts, prayers, and support. It is so hard being away from our family and friends, but receiving care packages from strangers really does boost our morale. We are grateful for people like you who take the time, effort, and money to support us. We are all thankful. [Soldier/Unit information redacted for security purposes.]”

January 2020

  • “Thank you so very much. My unit and I enjoyed your care packages. We are glad to have the support of our fellow Americans. We appreciate all that you have done and continue to do. Please pray of send us well wishes that we all return home safely. [Soldier/Unit information redacted for security purposes.]”
  • “Thank you for your support of Bravo Battery! We are incredibly grateful to you and the rest of the W.H.E.A.T. Community for the care packages and letters that we have received. Rest assured, as the new year pushes onward, we will do the same with our mission on the [location redacted for security purposes]. We would also like to take the time to thank you and the other members of the W.H.E.A.T. community that have served our nation before us. Nothing makes us more proud as a unit, than to acknowledge that we are proudly carrying on the legacy of those who came before us. We wish you a happy, safe, and prosperous new year!! Thank you for all that you do and your overwhelming support!! – South Korea

November 2019:

“Mr./Mrs. Myers,

My name is [name redacted for security purposes]. I am a Logistics Specialist Chief Petty Officer (LSC/E7) in the U.S. Navy Reserves. I’m stationed in [location redacted for security purposes] doing [information redacted for security purposes]. I have been in the Reserves for 26 years and have done 3 deployments to Afghanistan and 1 to Iraq/Kuwait. I apologize for the late reply, but we have been busy and tasked with a lot of things based on issues in the region.

Please convey our deep appreciation to those who may have assisted in sending the items in the care packages. I want to personally thank you for you willingness to show support to the military by sending items to the troops. Thanks again for all you do in supporting the military and your unselfishness in all that you do. Regards.”

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